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Cigarette filters a major pollution for minor health benefits

Did you know that pollution with cigarette butts found everywhere is a serious major problem? They harm human health and especially that of the planet.

Pollution with cigarette filters is very harmful, in addition to that caused by their smoke. The reason why cigarette factories have added more is to sell better. Is this marketing technique really worth it since ecology suffers even more because of this component?

The beginning of pollution with cigarette filters

Pollution with cigarette filters has a significant impact on the environment. Smoking is part of everyday life for men. As a result, cigarettes are consumed and discarded everywhere. The effects of smoked tobacco on human health are no longer up for debate. Indeed, it is not only the smoker who suffers the consequences. Those around him are also prone to health problems.

The use of the cigarette filter began in the 1950s. This component was deployed under the pretext of limiting smokers’ exposure to health risks. However, according to a specialist, this is only a marketing system. The filter facilitates the smoker’s experience.

The effects of cigarette filters on health

The cigarette filter reduces the taste of tobacco to broaden the target of producers. Among the potential customers targeted: women and young people. Tobacco companies take advantage of societal pressures and standards important to these targets in order to incentivize them.

A professor of public health from a major university attests that the cigarette filter has almost no health benefits. It would be above all a commercial technique.

Unfortunately, this marketing tactic succeeded. The number of female deaths caused by tobacco has increased significantly in recent years. The same is true for victims of myocardial infarction and lung cancer.

The environmental consequences of pollution with cigarette filters

Pollution with cigarette filters also affects the ecology. Apart from the impurities in the air caused by smoke, cigarette butts also have their share of responsibility. Moreover, they are the main pollutants of the oceans as well as waterways. For reference, one cigarette butt is enough to dirty 500 liters of water. A smoker can then pollute 1.4 million liters of water for 50 years by consuming a packet daily.

Already, from its cultivation, tobacco is the source of massive deforestation. Transformed, the finished product causes the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Then, 66% of the cigarette butts will end up abandoned in the ecosystem. It should be noted that of the 6,000 billion cigarettes consumed in a year, 90% have a filter.

Measures taken to deal with pollution caused by filters and cigarettes

Cigarette filters generally disintegrate within 2 years. On the other hand, its harmful components last up to 12 years. These constituents can lead to various diseases such as cancer. Also, they participate in the acidification of the earth.

Significant resources have been implemented for the collection and processing of cigarette butts. This program was financed by the French State following the empowerment of producers and taxpayers. However, the tobacco companies who are the real culprits only contribute to the fight against pollution. For their part, smokers are required to pay a fine of 68 euros in the event of throwing a cigarette butt on the public highway.

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