European Week for Waste Reduction

European Week for Waste Reduction

Every year the European Week for Waste Reduction is organized. In 202, this edition of the EWWR is held from 20 to 28 November 2021. There are nearly 4000 animations and actions organized throughout France.

Set up by the ADEME, this initiative aims to encourage actions of awareness, collection or cleaning of waste but also the creation of processes of sustainable management of this waste.

The EWWR is open to everyone: communities, local authorities, administrations, schools, citizens or employees. The organizers of these actions aim to raise awareness and communicate on better consumption, production and management of waste-emitting products. 

The European Week for Waste Reduction has 6 main themes aimed at reducing the volume of waste: 

  • Waste prevention (over-packaging, eco-design)
  • Prevention of hazardous waste
  • Prevention of food waste
  • Promotion of composting
  • Reuse/Repair/Reuse
  • Clean-up day

How to participate in the EWWR? 

There are many ways to participate in this week for the environment. 

If you are a public authority, an association/NGO, a company, an educational institution, another type of organization or a private individual and you want to carry out an awareness raising action on waste reduction, you must first register:

Once registered on the platform you will be able to fill in the details of your awareness raising, cleaning or collection action.

However, if you want to be labeled, your action will have to meet different criteria: 

  • Your action must take place specifically between November 21 and 29  
  • It will cover at least one of the EWWR themes: 

• Cleaning day 

• Waste prevention: eco-design, over-packaging, disposable products.

• Prevention of hazardous waste 

• Prevention of food waste 

• Promotion of composting – Reuse / Repair / Reuse  

  • It is precisely described (title and description)  
  • It will not be commercial or for profit.

Having an action labeled by the European Waste Week, will allow you to benefit from an additional visibility in the national or local programs of the EWWR. You will also have access to the communication tools made available by ADEME.

If you don’t want to organize an action but want to join one, it is possible! Find out more about actions near you:

Raising awareness about waste reduction; what is at stake? 

At the time you are reading this article, each French person consumes an average of nearly 600 kg of household waste per year. This figure has doubled in less than 40 years. Consumption habits have changed, we buy more and more often. 

In order to save exhaustible raw materials, reduce the cost of waste for everyone and limit the negative impacts on the environment, the EWWR is an increasingly essential event.

The success of waste reduction is therefore based on the prevention of waste, that is to say before it is produced, because the best waste is the one we do not produce! 

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