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Our advice for choosing the right recycling provider

How to choose the right recycling provider ? Currently, there are many professionals offering recycling services. They are at the service of companies that have installed a waste sorting system. There are a few things to keep in mind to make the right choice. Indeed, there are several criteria to take into account such as the amount of waste produced. The profile of the company is also important.

Define your needs before choosing the recycling provider

The basis of a collaboration with a recycling service provider is none other than the expectations of the client company. Indeed, it is necessary that the latter determines its needs and requirements as well as possible. To this end, it is possible to hire the service of another professional to carry out an in-depth audit.

This diagnosis is necessary before setting up a sorting system or optimizing the one already in place. It should be noted that each company is responsible for the management of their waste until the end of their cycle.

Several points need to be determined during this study in order to have a concrete answer. The main one is the budget provided for the service. The number of employees in the structure is also essential. These employees already have their habits for sorting waste. Therefore, it is necessary to inform them during the audit.

In relation to the service itself, the professional will need to know the type and volume of your waste. Are they plastics, cartons, cans, etc. ? Several methods are used to achieve this. Also, a brief description of the business premises is essential.

This step occupies an important place to avoid making unnecessary expenses. At the end, therefore, the company’s expectations are clearly defined. It will also be easier for the recycling service provider to personalize its proposals.

Find out about recycling providers and their offers

The main condition for choosing your recycling provider is your authorization. Indeed, a certified and accredited company is needed to ensure compliance with the regulations in this sector.

Recycling service providers differ from each other in the offers they offer their customers. Opting for a personalized service is widely recommended to ensure the quality of the results.

Depending on the results of your audit, the recycling service provider must be able to present a well-defined plan. It will assist you in the choice of sorting methods in line with the situation of your entity. For example, the offer must be different for those who have large volumes of waste to transform.

Some of the recycling providers even offer employee awareness in their offers. Undoubtedly, responsible and well-trained staff can better guarantee better waste sorting management.

In order to minimize transport costs, the location of the sorting center is also essential. If the service provider is far from the location, the travel costs will be reflected in your quote. Moreover, an additional carbon emission due to the transport circuit is not in accordance with the stages of cigarette butt recycling .

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ÉcoMégot is a French company, resulting from the social and solidarity economy, which offers an innovative, complete, local and tailor-made solution for raising awareness, creating zero butt spaces, collecting and recycling cigarette butts in all of France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bastia, Saint-Cloud, Monaco, Bordeaux, Pau ...). 

Our mission is to promote behavioral changes among citizens, employees and festival-goers with regard to cigarette butt pollution. We believe that the recycling of cigarette ends should serve the common awareness and thus create a virtuous circle carrying meaning.


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