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Butts pickup

Collecting cigarette butts

Do you want to organize a cigarette butt collection action? We are here to explain the process to you.

Organizing a cleaning action is not easy! Whether you are employees, citizens or students, everyone can organize an action to clean up cities! So we decided to share with you some tips to make your event a success in favor of the environment.

Collecting cigarette butts: an act of citizenship

Whether it is a deliberate act or not, tons and tons of waste are thrown into nature every day : beaches, streets, oceans, forests… None of these places are resistant to pollution. This situation becomes more and more alarming when we realize the impact of waste on our health and on the state of our planet. Take the example of a cigarette butt. A cigarette butt alone can pollute up to 500 liters of water and release more than 2,000 chemicals and harmful to the environment . Taking part in cleaning up your business or city is a civic act that can stimulate collective awareness and, one day, make things happen!

It is up to us, citizens, employees, decision-makers , to become aware of the situation and to take responsibility for our actions by limiting environmental pollution as much as possible. We often hear people around us asking “How can I participate?” What can I do to participate in the well-being of our planet? », We tell you that there is still a lot to do and that your participation can also go through everyday actions . No longer throwing your cigarette butt out of the window of your car or no longer burying it in the sand are gestures that may seem trivial, but put end to end they have a real ecological impact.

Instructions for use: butts collection

As you have surely noticed, more and more cigarette butt collection actions are organized by associations, companies or communities. There has indeed been a collective awareness in favor of the environment. To ensure the success of your event, you must keep a few points in mind! Your event should not be exclusive, to allow as many people as possible to participate . But you also have to think about everyone’s safety !

Step 1: Choose your place of action

This step shouldn’t take you too long, find and mark a specific place to clean. Do not hesitate to go and locate the place to define an achievable objective and a precise area of action . Choose a place accessible by public transport and close to a crossing point

Step 2: Agree on a date

Fixing a date is not easy, the unforeseen ones can quickly become a puzzle. Pay attention to the date chosen, choose a date that does not correspond to any bigger event in your city. The weather is also a factor that matters in the outcome and success of your project. During certain periods of the year, the regrowth of the vegetation can hide the cigarette ends and therefore make the collection more complicated and less fun.

Step 3: What will happen to the collected cigarette ends?

ÉcoMégot can become a partner of your event . Once the details of the partnership have been concluded, we are able to assist you in the creation of a cigarette butts collection action but also in the recovery of collected and picked up cigarette ends . We recycle these butts to give them a second life.

Step 4: Notify local authorities

If you want to do things according to the rules of the art, you can contact the town hall of the municipality of the chosen site . She can help you by communicating about your event, indicating places more polluted than others, and providing you with technical advice. Informing the local authorities can also provide you with some security to supervise your collection action.

Step 5: Define Cleanup Teams

To get people talking about your event, you can get closer to a nature volunteer platform such as J’agis Pour La Nature . Notify the local population via word of mouth, the local press, a poster campaign or on social networks.

Before your cleaning action, organize a meeting with the most motivated members to establish together the main guidelines: route plan, schedules, activities, meals … We recommend that you set up, one month before the event, a registration system to get an idea of the number of registrants and provide the necessary resources. You will be able to distribute groups in several places to be more efficient!

Step 6: The brief

Plan a meeting point and an hour so as not to lose any of the participants. Recall the safety points and provide a first aid kit. Form groups and distribute a kit including the necessary equipment as well as a map of the course and the areas to be cleaned.

And let’s go for your cleaning action!

Step 7: After collection

To unite the participants and enhance their commitment, it is important to organize an assessment of the fundraising.

Meet with all the volunteers at the end of your event to take a visual look back on the past day.

Do not hesitate to take photos to communicate your action in the press or on social networks. You can also send it to participants as a souvenir!

You can close the operation by not forgetting to thank your participants. Take their feedback into account to improve yourself for the next collections! Have a nice collection of cigarette butts!

How much does the complete solution cost  ?

ÉcoMégot is a company that offers recycling of cigarette butts. It is a complete and tailor-made solution that includes the six services presented above. The cost of the service depends on the number of ashtrays to be installed, the range chosen and the frequency of cigarette butts collection.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a price proposal for our cigarette butt recycling solution in France and Belgium.


New arrivals

ÉcoMégot is a French company, resulting from the social and solidarity economy, which offers an innovative, complete, local and tailor-made solution for raising awareness, creating zero butt spaces, collecting and recycling cigarette butts in all of France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bastia, Saint-Cloud, Monaco, Bordeaux, Pau ...). 

Our mission is to promote behavioral changes among citizens, employees and festival-goers with regard to cigarette butt pollution. We believe that the recycling of cigarette ends should serve the common awareness and thus create a virtuous circle carrying meaning.


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