Raising awareness of Pollution Butts

Raise awareness about the pollution of cigarette butts.

At ÉcoMégot, raising awareness of cigarette butt pollution is an essential and priority lever. Awareness is the first step towards reducing pollution from cigarette butts . Informing and instilling the right gestures so that everyone can adopt eco-responsible behavior is our goal.

Everyone is involved in protecting the environment. Smokers can become aware of the environmental impact of a cigarette butt throw . Non-smokers can in turn educate their smokers. It is then possible to send messages to as many people as possible:

  • Throwing a cigarette butt on the ground promotes pollution that affects us all!
  • Do not throw a butt on the ground, it is to limit the pollution of seas and oceans
  • A single cigarette butt pollutes 500 liters of water
Raise awareness of cigarette butts pollution.


Our actions to raise awareness of cigarette butt pollution

ÉcoMégot therefore implements actions to raise awareness of cigarette butts pollution in the form of workshops or fun, informative and interactive stands . Ambassadors explain, through games, quizzes and various tools , the impact of pollution generated by a cigarette butt and the means to curb it. Our mission is to encourage behavior change among citizens. Our cigarette butts awareness campaigns can take place in schools, colleges, high schools, public or private companies or in communities throughout France.

We believe that all audiences should be aware of the consequences of the impact of cigarette butts . We must act collectively , adopt the right actions and together create zero butt spaces . We focus all our awareness-raising actions around three pillars to ensure a coherent and simple transmission of information on cigarette butts and the consequences of their pollution on our environment.

Raise awareness of cigarette butts pollution via the visual

To facilitate the dissemination of the main information related to the environmental impact of the cigarette butt , we have chosen to develop a digital awareness system . Each year, we design playful visuals that raise awareness of the pollution generated by the cigarette butt and its consequences, and we make them available to our customers (in multi-format printing).

These informative posters constitute a powerful relay of the commitment made by our customers. On your sites and via your internal means of communication, you reach as many users as possible and optimize the solution put in place.
These pollution awareness visuals can be distributed on your websites, social networks, blogs or directly in your companies, schools, high schools or communities.

Raise awareness through EcoMégot ambassadors

To better educate users about the impact of the cigarette butt, we are offering a stand by ÉcoMégot ambassadors . Thanks to a polished discourse, proven over the years, and with the help of fun material (games, quizzes, posters…), we are able to raise awareness of the consequences of pollution linked to cigarette ends .

We instill the right actions , while enhancing the commitment made by our client . To our credit, more than 10,000 people have already been made aware of cigarette butts pollution , in all contexts: companies, markets, festivals, sporting events, civic events, etc.

Reaching out to users and making them aware of our approach means increasing the number of EcoMégot ambassadors who will in turn be able to teach good practices and encourage behavior change.

Raise awareness of cigarette butt pollution through practice

In addition to digital awareness raising and the keeping of a stand, we also offer the organization and participation in various activities, in particular cigarette butt collection .

The friendly and participatory framework of this type of event lends itself perfectly to dialogue around the issue of the cigarette butt, an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and illustrate the positive ecological impact generated by the initiative: each butt picked up is 500 liters of water that will not be polluted!

For example, we took part in the world record for butts collected with 0 cigarette ends . More than 855,000 cigarette butts were collected in Paris on May 29, 2021 in just 3 hours. This cigarette butts collection campaign raised awareness among some Parisians, of all ages and from different social backgrounds, while doing a good deed!

How much does the complete solution cost  ?

ÉcoMégot is a company that offers recycling of cigarette butts. It is a complete and tailor-made solution that includes the six services presented above. The cost of the service depends on the number of ashtrays to be installed, the range chosen and the frequency of cigarette butts collection.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a price proposal for our cigarette butt recycling solution in France and Belgium.


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ÉcoMégot is a French company, resulting from the social and solidarity economy, which offers an innovative, complete, local and tailor-made solution for raising awareness, creating zero butt spaces, collecting and recycling cigarette butts in all of France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bastia, Saint-Cloud, Monaco, Bordeaux, Pau ...). 

Our mission is to promote behavioral changes among citizens, employees and festival-goers with regard to cigarette butt pollution. We believe that the recycling of cigarette ends should serve the common awareness and thus create a virtuous circle carrying meaning.


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