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Cigarette companies must finance the management of cigarette butts.

cigarette butts management

Forty billion cigarette butts are thrown on the ground in France every year. While they are very toxic components, the filters are thrown away everywhere, in town and in the countryside. Since Tuesday, August 10, 2021, a European law requires cigarette manufacturers to finance the management of cigarette butts (awareness, collection and provision of ashtrays). … Read more

Our advice for choosing the right recycling provider

recycling provider

How to choose the right recycling provider ? Currently, there are many professionals offering recycling services. They are at the service of companies that have installed a waste sorting system. There are a few things to keep in mind to make the right choice. Indeed, there are several criteria to take into account such as … Read more

Recycling cigarette butts, it’s time to act!

butt recycling

Leftover cigarettes are everywhere. To limit the damage to the environment, think about recycling cigarette butts ! Source of several health problems for smokers and those around them, cigarettes are nevertheless very popular. Unfortunately, the environment also suffers the negative consequences. Moreover, cigarette butts are even categorized as poison for the ecology. Cigarette butts contain … Read more

Ecological impact of cigarettes on the environment

ÉcoMégot projet ess

Do you know what are the consequences and the ecological impact that cigarettes have on the environment ? Generally, it is above all the effects on health that are raised. The list is long concerning the impacts caused by cigarettes. Lung infections, various cancers, complications of pregnancy… are among the diseases caused by smoking. However, … Read more

Cigarette filters a major pollution for minor health benefits

cigarette butt

Did you know that pollution with cigarette butts found everywhere is a serious major problem? They harm human health and especially that of the planet. Pollution with cigarette filters is very harmful, in addition to that caused by their smoke. The reason why cigarette factories have added more is to sell better. Is this marketing … Read more

What is CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility?

rse et responsabilité sociale

Corporate social responsibility or csr represents the commitment of companies to the process of sustainable development . Around several pillars, companies must understand the issues and constraints that lie behind this broad concept.

Pocket ashtrays.

cendrier de poche

ÉcoMégot has developed a range of several ashtrays to combat the throwing of cigarette butts in public spaces. To complete our cigarette butt management solution , we provide our customers with pocket, portable and airtight ashtrays .

How to make the Olympic Games an eco-responsible event?

PARIS 2024 Olympic Games

In 2024, the new edition of the Olympic Games will be held in Paris . This is one of the major events of the next few years. Several issues and challenges will arise in designing eco-responsible Olympic Games that will leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

ÉcoMégot is a French company, resulting from the social and solidarity economy, which offers an innovative, complete, local and tailor-made solution for raising awareness, creating zero butt spaces, collecting and recycling cigarette butts in all of France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bastia, Saint-Cloud, Monaco, Bordeaux, Pau ...). 

Our mission is to promote behavioral changes among citizens, employees and festival-goers with regard to cigarette butt pollution. We believe that the recycling of cigarette ends should serve the common awareness and thus create a virtuous circle carrying meaning.


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